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Friday, January 07, 2005

There have been new developments on the biodigester in the Philippines. Gerry Baron is now adding vegetable waste to operate a codigester instead of simply using pig manure. We will see what sort of gas production results from this.

I felt like Dr. Emmet Brown of "Back to the Future" fame feeding test digester #1 with sliced tomatoes, #2 with shredded potatoes, yams, breads & other fruit scraps and #3 with golf-green grass shavings.

Each digester which a 200 liter drum got about 5 liters of the stuff representing 1/2 of chicken manure bi-monthly feed. I will begin measuring biogas output and testing flamability on Jan 9. It's probably safe to say my pets ate very well today. They deserve it.

We will soon see what results this has. One of the main secrets of operating a codigester is to chop the material small enough. In general, it must be reduced to around 1 - 2 mm in size to digest in a normal period of time.


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