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Friday, January 14, 2005

Back to biogas!

sorry for the departure form the usual topic. Time was pressing this week. One of the main sources of information in Europe, the Swiss Biogas Forum, no longer seems to be very active. Although there have been more English speakers posting there, the pages have not been updated in a long time and they do not answer emails. A shame, they supplied some really very good information on the topic of anaerobic digestion and had a lot of active members in the industry.

Perhaps a few people can visit there and try to get it going again. Austria is doing some good research into anaerobic digestion of grass. Solid material is notoriously more difficult to convert into biogas, but the work is going well, and a pilot plant is just starting up now.

There has been no new information from the biodigester in the Philippines. I will drop Gerry a line at the weekend and see what is happening. He should be getting results from the codigester by now.


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